Thursday, February 24, 2011

The national media's pathetic attempts to cover the real estate market.

  Preface, I love news and a certified current events junkie. Nevertheless:
  The national media's inconsistency in covering the real estate market is becoming more than an irritation. Sometimes it proclaims the market is recovering. The next day our country is going down the crapper faster than Glenn Beck could even predict. It ponders that the pain of "real estate cancer" is just around the next corner while in the same breath, drooling about what markets will recover first.
   The media is like a red eyed and stoned Towlie from South Park, "I have no idea of what is going on right now, man." We all love Towlie. Perhaps it's his accent or possibly that his defective towell DNA really is not his fault. But when he switched from pot to crack, many such as myself actually began to suspect that he actually became a correspondent for CNN.
  So this media of ours just keeps yammering; cranking out the garbage we all know and love them for. All I will admit is that individual media contributors are at least as good at their jobs as government is at what it does.
  Here is the problem. The yapping, yammering and yada, yada is feeding that primal uncertainty in the psychology of real and uninformed people who actually need or want to buy or sell real estate right now. So the regular person is paralyzed, further delaying any recovery, and that recovery in real estate is essential to heal the economy that well intentioned (or not) President has worked so hard to wreck.
Choose dearest media! Trash and burn residential real estate or crassly hawk it like the NAR. Just DO something definitive! You are not objective on anything else, why plant the flag here.
So thanks for adding nothing either positive or negative.
To coin an insider's own phrase, Good night and good luck.

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